Nevada Green Party Primary Voting 2020

The 2020 Nevada Green Party Presidential Primary is now under way, and all Nevada Green Party members are encouraged to vote for their preferred candidate to run as the Green Party’s Presidential Candidate. This is a ranked choice vote. Voting will be open online starting today, May 25th, through Primary Day, June 9th.

To vote in the Nevada Green Party Primary you must be a registered member of Nevada Green Party. Click here to register as a Green.



Only candidates that have met the basic criteria for official recognition by the Green Party of the United States are on the ballot. Please see the following for more information, and review the following sites from the candidates:

2020 GPUS Presidential Race
Howie Hawkins’ platform.
Dario Hunter’s platform.
David Rolde’s platform.

Special note concerning Jesse Ventura: Jesse Ventura announced that he is not running for the Green Party presidential nomination at this time. However, he’ll support whoever the Green Party candidate is. Here is more information concerning his presidential run.

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