Baltimore Green Party Speaker series –

The Baltimore City Green Party welcomes Lawrence Grandpre to discuss his research on *grassroots democracy and community control*. Lawrence is the Creative Director at the New Timbuktu Project, a digital research and content platform where community and scholars unite to seek serious, in-depth analysis on how to best address the most pressing problems facing theContinue reading “Baltimore Green Party Speaker series –”

Maine Lavender Greens Caucus –

The Maine Lavender Greens Caucus held a big meeting on Saturday, Feb. 20 at 4 PM. Maine Green Independents were invited to join our caucus to help put forward a Green vision for the LGBTQIA+ community here in Maine! For more information about the caucus please email the caucus chair (and co-chair of the party),Continue reading “Maine Lavender Greens Caucus –”

Latest news from New Jersey –

Local activists from across New Jersey stand in solidarity with Alabama Amazon Workers and workers everywhere! Activists will rally in front of the Bellmawr, New Jersey Amazon warehouse to show support to the Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama and workers everywhere. Bessemer, Alabama, sits on the outskirts of Birmingham and with a population of 26,500Continue reading “Latest news from New Jersey –”

Green Party issues prez challenge –

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will get clobbered as a third-party Presidential candidate unless he’s willing to stand up to billionaires and fight for everyday people … so says the Green Party. As you may have heard … the WWE superstar-turned Hollywood megastar now says he’d seriously consider running for Prez “if that’s what the peopleContinue reading “Green Party issues prez challenge –”

CCC Webinar: Early Campaign Development 2/23 –

So, you want to run for office this year but where to get started? With some preliminary thought and work, you can prepare a basic campaign outline and strategy that provide an efficient and organized structure to work with, and enable your campaign to operate as a model of Green/progressive organizing and community building –Continue reading “CCC Webinar: Early Campaign Development 2/23 –”