August 2021 Nevada Green Rhythm

Nevada State Green Party Swag is HERE!: Our limited edition Pupfish Shirt is on sale now. Rose Buchholz is the designer. YouTube Register to Vote: YouTube Ballot Access Petition: We are the Imperative Party! Proposal UpdateYearly BudgetRegistration UpdatesPostcardsDiversity Committee The heat never leaves the Green Party in Nevada! Proposal Update: GPNV ProposalContinue reading “August 2021 Nevada Green Rhythm”

Proposal 1064

SPONSORS: Nevada Green Party Green Party of New Jersey CONTACT: Margery Hanson 775 910 9159 Green Party of Nevada cochair and National Committee delegate; SUBJECT / TITLE: Amend GPUS Bylaws, Rules, Procedures; revoke association of principal transphobic organizers TYPE OF PROPOSAL, EXPECTED APPROVAL THRESHOLD As a proposal with multiple operative clauses or sections, thisContinue reading “Proposal 1064”