Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres #FreePalestine

By unanimous vote, the Nevada Green Party has signed on to Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres. Thanks for filling out Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres Sign On by Tues., Jan. 31 11am ET Israel’s horrific murder of 9+ Palestinians in Jenin, unprecedented for two decades in the West Bank, demands action After Israeli forces massacred at leastContinue reading “Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres #FreePalestine”

Welcome to 2023!

Are you a Nevada Resident? Are you also registered with the Green Party in Nevada? Join us on Facebook here Due to some ‘agent provocateurs’ attempting to infiltrate GPNV, be prepared to show proof of registration. … and then … Please join us at our next Monthly Meeting, on January 21st, at 7:00 p.m.Continue reading “Welcome to 2023!”