Nevada Green Party Ballot Access 2023/2024

So we know you already care about the Nevada Green Party. Our Ballot Access Petition Drive is here and we have an easy way for you to help us gain Ballot Access in Nevada, to bring more choices and voices to the Nevada Ballot.

Here are the instructions:

1. You must be 18 years of age or older.

2. You must have voted in the 2022 election.

3. You must live in the state of Nevada, USA.

4. You must live in the Congressional District for which you are gathering or signing

the Ballot Access petition.

5. To sign this petition, click the link (located at the bottom of this post), download

both pages of the Ballot Access petition. Fill out only the signature portion of 

the Ballot Access petition and include your Congressional District (located on

your Voter Registration Card), on a separate piece of paper.


6. If you are gathering Ballot Access Petition Signatures, print 24 pages of page

1 page and 1 page of page 2 of the Ballot Access Petition, then contact Co-Chair

    Margery Hanson for further information at

7. 8. Mail to:
Nevada Green Party

    c/o Co-Chair Margery Hanson

    3731 W. Windsong Lane

    Pahrump, NV. 89048-4420

9. The deadline for signature gathering is June 3rd, 2024.


Thank you for all you do!

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