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The Green Party of Nevada is an EcoSocialist, Political movement of Nevadans, from all backgrounds, that seek to break the two-party system, to establish a government and economy that works for everyone.

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The Nevada Green Party is a political & social movement of Nevadans from all backgrounds ranging from teachers, workers, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, students and beyond. We’ve grown into a family that is birthed from the idea that our actions should always reflect the best interests of all citizens and the earth.

Our impact on our state laws should reflect the ethics that we follow in our daily lives. Nevada is the perfect state for renewable energy, supporting local businesses, and addressing climate change.

“The mainstream parties are both controlled by big business”

I’m Green because from what I can see, the world’s only real chance to survive, is through politics grounded in Ecology, Equality, Democracy, and Peace—in other words, Green politics. The mainstream parties are both controlled by big business, and can’t help us now. In fact, they’re working together against us. Isn’t it time you joined the Greens?

Tony Affigne

“The one party system is killing our people and it’s high time we stand up and say something”

I’m Green because I can’t take the lies and the conditions anymore. Homelessness while there are empty houses, prisons built while schools close, children being shot down on our streets by police, mothers losing their children to the state because they don’t have water in their homes and can’t afford the water bill. My friends and family cant afford to wait anymore to try and change the Democratic Party.

Cheri Honkala

“The Green Party is overwhelmingly popular among us Millennials.”

I joined the Green Party because it is a party of, by, and for the people. It is staffed by volunteers and regular folks from all walks of life. It is funded entirely by average people giving small donations. It fights for universal healthcare, a Green New Deal, free higher education and other progressive policies that our country desperately needs. The Green Party is a party I can trust to take my concerns seriously and to follow through on its promises.

You may not know this from mainstream media coverage, but the Green Party is overwhelmingly popular among us Millennials. 71% of Millennials think we need a third party, and not just any third party will do.

Ryan Wesdock

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