Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres #FreePalestine

By unanimous vote, the Nevada Green Party has signed on to Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres.

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Israel’s horrific murder of 9+ Palestinians in Jenin, unprecedented for two decades in the West Bank, demands action

After Israeli forces massacred at least 9 Palestinian people in Jenin refugee camp on Thursday, Jan. 26, leaving dozens of injuries and destruction in their wake, Palestinian journalist Mariam Barghouti called the Palestinian reality under Israeli military occupation a “slaughterhouse.”

This was the bloodiest massacre in the West Bank in about two decades,in one of the deadliest months: Israeli forces killed 30 Palestinians in the West Bank in 2023 so far, killing on average at least one Palestinian person each day. This violence marks an acceleration of Israeli violence since 2022, when Israel killed 146 Palestinians in the West Bank, including killing Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh while she was reporting in Jenin. And in Gaza, Palestinians living trapped under Israeli blockade endure structural violence each day, and have endured multiple Israeli bombing massacres over the last two decades, which have killed thousands of Palestinians including 49 people in August 2022.

The Palestinian people’s ongoing demands for freedom in their homeland and basic human rights must be met by people around the world rising up with them.

This week, Secretary of State Blinken will travel to meet with the new increasingly fascist far-right Israeli government. We will not accept his politics-as-usual of words of concern without U.S. policy change, whichgives Israel a free pass to keep slaughtering the Palestinian people. The images coming out of Jenin—an elderly woman killed by Israeli sniper bullets, hospital patients suffocating with Israeli tear gas, and ambulances denied access to the wounded by Israeli forces—are part of apartheid Israel’s greater systematic violence, which our government has chosen to fund with $3.8+ billion of U.S. taxpayer dollars a year.

We demand Members of Congress take immediate policy action towards accountability: Stop arming Israel’s massacres against the Palestinian people by ending U.S. military funding to Israel. Real justice will not begin until we do.

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
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Thank you for helping us support Palestine.

Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres Sign On by Tues., Jan. 31 11am ET

Nevada Green Rhythm October 2022 Edition

Nevada State Green Party

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NVGP is a Progressive Platform geared towards Humanity and Environment 

Election Times!: Vote! We have three really good questions for our Nevada State Constitution, where voting YES aligns with the GPNV By Laws and GPUS By Laws. 

  1. Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended by adding a specific guarantee  that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this State or any of its cities, counties, or other political subdivisions on account of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, ancestry, or national origin? This is long overdue for the United States as a whole to keep moving forwards as a progressive entity. Moving into a first world government requires the equality of all. This starts by putting this in our Nevada Constitution by voting YES! 
  2. Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended, effective July 1, 2024 to: (1) establish the State’s minimum wage that employers must pay to certain employees at a rate of $12 per hour worked, subject to any applicable increases above that $12 rate provided by federal law or enacted by the Nevada Legislature; (2) remove the existing provisions setting different rates for the minimum wage based on whether the employer offers certain health benefits to such employees: and (3) remove the existing provisions for adjusting the minimum wage based on applicable increases in the cost of living? The current structure is punishing employees on the basis of health care/benefits. Unfortunately  health care/benefits is lumped into employment and now employers are claiming this is part of a salary, when many have little choice as upper management, to afford different options. This discrimination of wage based, health care/benefits should end with a YES vote.
  3. Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to allow all Nevada voters the right to participate in open primary elections to choose candidates for the general election in which all voters may then rank the remaining candidates by preference for the offices of the U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Controller, Attorney General, and State Legislators? YES. Right now we have three of the largest voting blocks: Democrats at 721.457, NPPs at 651,751 and Republicans 640,416. Soon the NPPs will over take to the largest voting block in Nevada.

Check your Registration: Recently we have had two individuals register Green in two different methods that were brought to our attention through their new voter registration cards, showing Non Partisan, when they opted to be Green Party. If you want to be categorized and registered as a Green Party member you might need to register again or pull up your registration online and request a new Green Party voter registration card. Most will show Green Party when they check online but will receive a Non Partisan voter card in the mail, and then does not show up as Green Party in our voter rolls. Don’t be discouraged, keep updating your registration until it arrives correctly.

Volunteers: This is where our party has the most opportunity to grow. Spread the word to stay up to date on your voter registration status, making sure your status matches your voter registration Buy swag from the store to start a visual conversation. Write articles for our website and/or newsletter. Engage new individuals to review our By Laws and Pillars. Become a Committee member and join one of our Caucuses in the GPUS. 

Numbers: A vision is born … Can we turn a whole county in the state of Nevada to Green Party county? This may not be as tough as you think. Imagine if the NPP individuals opted to join ANY party, but the two ‘major’ parties. The NPPs could wipe the stronghold of controlled opposition out of existence. Right now our smaller counties have the following numbers as of September 2022:

CountyTotal Registered10% to GreenNPP & OtherDemsReps
White Pine560056014449002906

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  3. The Green Party platform is not just politics, the Green Party is a Philosophy, to ensure responsible existence on Earth. Be proud to be a Green Party member and let others know they don’t have to follow the duopoly or disenfranchise themselves with NPP as their only choices. The more numbers they bring into specific parties, like the Green Party, the more political parties will have to follow the will of the people.

If you have any questions please email us at: 


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GPNV is a Progressive Platform geared towards Humanity and Environment 

Growth: New members are joining everyday! Let your NPP friends know where we are. We have just received some feedback that some think we are not on the registration options online! Yes WE ARE! The SOS has put us in the Minor Party section.

In Support of Clean Energy and Transportation for #Nevada: the Solar Cities Act and ‘Rotodyne’


For More Information:

CONTACT NAME: Clark County, N.V. At Large Member Daniel Alves

CONTACT PHONE: 775 298 6847


(LAS VEGAS, Nev.) — In keeping with the principles of ecological sustainability held by the Nevada Green Party, Clark County, N.V. At Large Member Daniel Alves presents for consideration the premise of the Solar Cities Act in conjunction with ‘Rotodyne’ technology and how it might enhance the quality of life for citizens of Nevada and beyond:

Solar Cities Act and Rotodyne

The Solar Cities Act is an opt-in state funded program which would allow cities and counties in Nevada to determine the size and location of solar farms. This will reduce the state’s reliance on natural gas, coal, and oil while allowing Nevada to be a large energy generation and storage provider in the western United States. If the Solar Cities Act were to pass, cities and counties won’t pay for the installation and still reap the benefits.

Some of the ways we may incentivize and entice people to vote for this act is that electricity will be cheaper and cleaner, and in combination to funding/powering public transportation we could also relax some individual consumer regulations. When the solar farms are built and they power our public transportation then people who get electric cars will be able to charge them at reduced cost. People who decide to keep their engine powered cars will be able to get grants to change to ethanol or bio-fuel flex vehicles. Funding for the solar farms can come from bonds or loans and return on investment is only but guaranteed since solar panels retain around 80% effectiveness after 30 years and can pay for themselves in under 20 years.

Solar farms can either power the community/city or be a power station for a nearby town as well. Cities/Counties can set the price for out of state sale of electricity. The state will negotiate with local ordinances to take 0.5%- 5% of profits from out of state sales. Solar panel installation would fund jobs and sustaining the solar farms would also provide jobs. These jobs will be hiring Nevadans first, our priority should be making sure every veteran, homeless person, or bright eyed college student can be properly trained to have fair access to a job in the clean energy sector.

Allowing a diversity of housing like mixed used walk-able neighborhoods would help save energy and be more profitable than a single family neighborhood. Single family homes leak heating and cooling from all sides of the house and their neighborhoods don’t allow for any businesses or stores including low impact businesses. Building and zoning codes/laws need to be updated for all places of living to be built sustainably, that includes minimizing urban sprawl and prioritizing high demand mixed used neighborhoods. We need more high quality public housing and senior living with better amenities and access to public transportation. Buying old neighborhoods and giving grants to rebuild unstable or refit unusable homes to revitalize and rebuild old areas without increasing the cost of living. We also need to allow low impact businesses (i.e. bakery, bicycle shop, bodega etc.) to be opened in a residential neighborhood, with permission and support of the neighborhood residents. New zoning would allow restaurants to use a regular house or build a small commercial property like John Mull’s. The neighborhood would be making a profit and the city wouldn’t have to rely solely on property taxes, which don’t keep up with maintenance costs.

Public oversight means every aspect of the electricity making process will be well documented, so people can see exactly how the funds are allocated. People should know what they’re paying for. We should not be paying a company based in a different state so they can profit off of a necessity. NV energy, a public utility company which generates, transmits and distributes electric service in northern and southern Nevada, is not buying electricity from individuals/citizens anymore. That means Nevadans don’t have the freedom to sell any extra electricity they create. NV energy is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, an investment firm that isn’t even located in Nevada, so they pay less taxes to the state than a locally owned business would. There is also little transparency to where profits go and companies shouldn’t profit off of a necessary utility.

A strategy must be put in place to help workers transition from traditional energy industries such as natural gas into clean energy jobs – partnerships with state universities or community colleges can benefit from an existing education infrastructure as well as federal investment. The proposal includes offering as many opportunities and options as possible including, funding and paying for their education or training in solar equipment. If they would like to switch careers then they can access their unemployment, pension, and/or have their school paid for. Any workers near or at retirement will have a fully funded pension and will receive a retirement bonus from the state. Any workers who would like to start their own business will be able to apply for grants or loans and will be given adequate resources to be able to reach out to investors.

Trams, monorails, streetcars, and many other forms of public transportation can be powered by electricity and with the solar farms powering our cities, our public transportation can be carbon negative and potentially free to the residents of Nevada. Solar panels in parking lots would allow parking lots to not just be a slab of concrete that drains local ordinances money. Solar panels could also be used as a cover. In this intensely hot city, having solar panels covering popular walking routes would be a dual benefit. Efficient forms of electric storage such as gravity batteries are already available and being deployed in different parts of the word – it will depend on the community’s needs but need to be researched to be as scalable and efficient as possible. Nevada should be on the forefront of that technology.

Rotodyne – why the Rotodyne?

Nevada’s unique, beautiful, and slightly mountainous terrain puts it in a unique place when it comes to public transportation and state interconnections, that’s why I am proposing we use the Rotodyne to connect where high speed rail can’t. Rotodyne is a type of Auto-gyro, in other words, a plane with a helicopter style blade on top, providing extra lift. Rotodyne is referring to an Auto-gyro first created by Fairey Aviation, it’s essentially a bus with propellers. The Rotodyne can transport up to 60 people at a time, and has jet tip propelled top blades to allow for seamless vertical take off and landing. This information is all from the 1950 design, imagine what we could do nowadays with electric and gas motors. My current proposed high speed rail lines are: Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Reno/Carson City, Reno to Elko, Elko to Salt Lake City (Las Vegas to Salt lake is possible but mountainous and current rail infrastructure does not involve going through St George). The land to these places avoids Tribal Lands (unless a tribe asks for the railroad to go through or come close to their Land), is relatively flat, and some routes have existing railroad infrastructure that can either be used as a foundation or as a guide. (There is also infrastructure from Ely to Oasis that can be built and Improved). These Railroad lines can’t go through every town and no town deserves to be forgotten. I advocate for the Rotodyne to fill the gap. Not only can we outsource the building of the auto-gyros to small local companies, it would create a massive amount of jobs and it would potentially help reduce reliance on military contracts for some aircraft makers. More importantly it cost per passenger mile was the lowest among air vehicles, and was comparable to other forms of public transportation. It would be a fast efficient way to transport people, supplies, food and medicine as well as patient transport . The vertical take off and landing capabilities of Auto-gyros means little land infrastructure is needed, just a check in bench and a landing pad. This could even speed up the postal service in Nevada, allowing mail to travel more quickly with, of course, certified USPS personnel on board as monitors.

One of the most important functions of the Rotodyne will be emergency transport. Emergency Rotodyne transport can be made specifically with medical transit in mind. The cabins are large and provide ample room for medical supplies, personnel, and patients. They are fast, they clocked in at 200 mph and that was in 1960, they could potentially go faster now. Compared to other helicopters and vtol machines, the Rotodyne has an impressive speed to passenger ratio with the potential of being cheaper as well. Rail is efficient, especially for high volumes of people and cargo, but it is stuck in place and some towns don’t have high volumes of people. With the Rotodyne we get to set the destination, high volume or not. Research institutions and companies in Nevada can obtain state and federal grants to partner up and build a fleet of new age Rotodynes that will service Nevada. This will bring in established companies and startups, which will in turn provide jobs and help strengthen Nevada’s economy. Through executive order, representative vote, or general election proposition we can and should get this passed.


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7. Tegler, Eric. “The Fairey Rotodyne, the Vertical Takeoff and Landing Airliner Time Forgot.” Ars Technica, Ars Technica, 16 Feb. 2020,


Founded in 2012, the Nevada Green Party is a community of Nevadans from all backgrounds, birthed from the idea that our actions should always reflect the best interests of all citizens and the earth. Its goals are to promote the values at the core of Green philosophy: Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community-based Economics, Gender and Racial Equality, Diversity, Personal and Global Responsibility and Future Focus. Working to build a truly democratic government free of lobbying and special interest, the Green Party does not take money from corporations.

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Voting for a new co chair starts next Monday, 9/26/2022 at 9 a.m. PST and will conclude at midnight PST, on Monday 10/3/2022. For this election we will be using the free version of OpaVote. Everyone who is registered to vote in the state of Nevada, with the Green Party, will be eligible to vote. ie; all members, not just dues paying members are encouraged to vote. The link to vote will be sent out via the “News Letter List” as well as on Facebook in our Nevada Green Party Facebook group.

These are our candidates running for the Co-Chair position of GPNV;

Clark County At-Large Member Daniel Alves

and Nye County At-Large Member Robert Hanson

Greening Nevada papers will be presented on the GPNV website, written by Clark County At-Large member Daniel Alves and Nye County At-Large member Robert Hanson. Hopefully they will be published by the end of October 2022.

The Tent and Events. We are looking into replacing our lost event tent. These events are including but not limited to, First Friday, Pahrump Harvest Festival, Amargosa Days as well as other events in the state of Nevada. Sadly the original Nevada Green Party banner, which was created by former Co-Chair Thomas Rasmussen’s daughter, cannot be replaced.

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  1. Submit a paragraph to be sent in this newsletter. This is our party and you are welcome to build and create with the active members too since you are a part of ‘our.’
  2. Like, Share, Subscribe to the various social media platforms. The more activity that is generated the more the GPNV is seen.
  3. The Green Party platform is not just politics, the Green Party is a Philosophy to ensure responsible existence on Earth. Be proud to be a Green Party member and let others know, they don’t have to follow the duopoly or disenfranchise themselves, with NPP as only choices. The more numbers they bring into specific parties like the Green Party the more political parties will have to follow the will of the people.

If you have any questions please email us at:


Margery Hanson Co-Chair

Andrea Warzlow Historian/Treasurer

Daniel Alves At-Large Clark County

James Stover At-Large Clark County

Robert Hanson At-Large Nye County

Questions, comments, participation? Email us:

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GPNV is a Progressive Platform geared towards Humanity and the Environment

Monthly Meeting September Edition 2022

The months go by so fast and here we are again, preparing for the next meeting.

For the September 2022 meeting Edition, please join us Saturday, 9/17/2022 at 7 p.m.

If you are a Nevada resident and a registered Green Party member in Nevada, please be prepared to show proof of residency and proof of registration, then click the link to join our Facebook group, to have access to the Zoom meeting link.

Thank you,