Nevada Green Rhythm February and March Edition

To date, we have endorsed Ranked Choice Voting and also voiced our support for Tunisia against an IMF loan from America. Our bank balance is healthy, all of our subscriptions are paid ie; Our Zoom platform and our Website, but only after taking the shape of several different pretzels. We voted to let go ofContinue reading “Nevada Green Rhythm February and March Edition”


For Immediate Release: We at the Nevada Green Party stand in solidarity in support of Tunisia. Especially to criticize the U.S. Secretary of Defense, for commenting on Tunisian internal affairs and interfering in domestic affairs . Tunisia was one of the first to establish economic relations with the U.S.A., because the U.S.A. recognizes Tunisian independence,Continue reading “#HandsOffTunisia”

Ranked Choice Voting

Green Party People, Please submit just 1 paragraph, in support of Ranked Choice Voting, your paragraph will be published publicly, using initials only. Here’s the deal; the ads against RCV, have already started to inundate various social media platforms, all over Nevada. What we need to do is fight back against them. We have toContinue reading “Ranked Choice Voting”

Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres #FreePalestine

By unanimous vote, the Nevada Green Party has signed on to Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres. Thanks for filling out Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres Sign On by Tues., Jan. 31 11am ET Israel’s horrific murder of 9+ Palestinians in Jenin, unprecedented for two decades in the West Bank, demands action After Israeli forces massacred at leastContinue reading “Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres #FreePalestine”