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Nevada Green Rhythm March 2021 – Published by: The Nevada State Green Party

Thank you for being a Nevada State Green Party Member!

Our next meeting is scheduled for 4.17.2021, at 7 p.m., PST, where we will provide the next step on how everyone can assist, no matter what level you/we can participate in comfortably.

We are the party of solutions!
Voter Count
Elections for 2022
Contest Tortoise & Pupfish

Transparency: Together WE can accomplish our four Key Values: Ecology, Social Justice, Democracy and Peace! We are about three weeks away from activating donation options on our website to ensure financial support with Campaigns and Outreach programs.

Voter Count: The most important thing we can all do, is let our family, friends
and peers know the Green Party of Nevada is growing. In the last two years
we have increased our voter registration by 3,400+ and each day we are
gaining new members. Our count is at 7,500+ and growing. There are
2,009,696 registered voters in all parties as of January 2021. To gain ballot
access without petitions we need a 1% ratio of all registered voters. The
Green Party is currently at 20,090. This is attainable together.

Elections for 2022: Right now there are 497,908 disenfranchised,
Nonpartisan voters out there, who hold many views that align with the Green
Party of Nevada. Imagine if each of us, the 7,500+ were able to bring just 4 new
disenfranchised, non-partisan voters home to the Green Party! 7,500 x 4 =
30,000 new members, for a total of 35,500 existing/new members, to attain
ballot access. As we are reviewing the next offices up for election in 2022, we are also working towards ballot access by voter registration or petition drives, once they are deemed safe and available.

Tortoise and Pupfish Contest: Artists and Creative Members! We are holding a
contest for the best drawing and/or digital representation of our mascots, the
Tortoise and the Pupfish!

  1. Email us at: for a submission/release form.
  2. Your artwork must be original and you must agree to allow
    the Nevada State Green Party, use on various platforms.
  3. Yes, you can submit one design for the Tortoise and one design for the
  4. Submissions will end on April 30th, 2021.
  5. Yes the winner will receive a prize!

All Participation is Welcome! We are looking for members that are creative
and energetic to participate in the GPNV State and local levels. Join us in
growing the party of solutions! No help is too small. Creativity and action are
hand in hand processes that the GPNV welcomes.
If you have any questions please email us at:

Margery Hanson Co-Chair
Alex Mann Co-Chair
Carrie Anne Harrington Co-Treasurer
Andrea Warzlow Historian/Co-Treasurer
Daniel Alves At-Large Clark County
James Stover At-Large Nevada State
Robert Hanson At-Large Nye County

Are you interested in assisting with these types of activities?

Voter Registration and Outreach

Social Media Promotion

Nevada Green Party Organizing

Please email us if you would like to volunteer and be part of the solution.

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