GPNV Newsletter for May 2021

We are the party of solutions!Website Upgraded and moreDonate Button Live/MembershipNVSOS Registration Video/PACLGBTQIAInternship/Volunteer You ARE The Best for Being a Part of the Nevada State Green Party!Website Upgraded and more: Long overdue! Our goals are coming together step by step. We have upgraded our website to unlock new features. The changes are to ensureContinue reading “GPNV Newsletter for May 2021”

Delilah Moderates “Restorative Justice in Action” Webinar | Delilah for Texas

With the rise of Transmisic Behavior in society and in the Green Party, Delilah moderated a healing discussion with Margaret Elisabeth, Co-Chair of Green Party US & Co-Chair of the Lavender Greens Caucus, as well as Amergin Ó Kai, Colorado Delegate on the National Committee of Green Party US & Member of the Lavender Caucus.Continue reading “Delilah Moderates “Restorative Justice in Action” Webinar | Delilah for Texas”