The Nevada Green Party Needs You!

Our state executive committee elections are around the corner and we are looking for passionate and dedicated individuals who are interested in co-creating a revolutionary state party. The Nevada Green Party structure is not hierarchical. We believe in a circular model of shared governance, where co-leadership, participation and direct democracy are valued. The executive committeeContinue reading “The Nevada Green Party Needs You!”

Primarias Presidenciales del Partido Verde de Nevada 2020

Las primarias presidenciales del Partido Verde de Nevada 2020 ya están en marcha, y se alienta a todos los miembros del Partido Verde de Nevada a votar por su candidato preferido para postularse como candidato presidencial del Partido Verde. Este es un voto de elección clasificado. La votación estará abierta en línea a partir deContinue reading “Primarias Presidenciales del Partido Verde de Nevada 2020”

Nevada Green Party Primary Voting 2020

The 2020 Nevada Green Party Presidential Primary is now under way, and all Nevada Green Party members are encouraged to vote for their preferred candidate to run as the Green Party’s Presidential Candidate. This is a ranked choice vote. Voting will be open online starting today, May 25th, through Primary Day, June 9th. To voteContinue reading “Nevada Green Party Primary Voting 2020”

Would You Like to be a Green Party Member?

By  Anonymiss Green I ask people that all the time. I even have the ‘old school’ Voter Registration Forms that have Green Party listed as an option, for people to fill out. There was a time there, when the Voter Registration Forms were revamped, and didn’t include the option to register as a Green PartyContinue reading “Would You Like to be a Green Party Member?”

NV Ballot Access Relief

By the Nevada Green Party  PO Box 2394, Pahrump, NV 89041 / 775 298-6847  Dear Governor Steve Sisolak, Secretary of State Barbara K. Cegavske, Nevada State Attorney General Aaron Ford:  As a “Minor Party” we face many uphill battles to collect and secure our petitioning and securing our ballot access. In preparation for theContinue reading “NV Ballot Access Relief”

Why Las Vegas needs the Green New Deal

By Emily Mussio Marquez Fossil fuel emissions are the number one driving force behind climate change. Although Nevada state lawmakers recently passed a bill requiring state utilities to get 50% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030, these measures are too little, too late.  With the Green New Deal, electricity would be sourced fromContinue reading “Why Las Vegas needs the Green New Deal”

Climate Change in Las Vegas

By Emily Mussio Marquez Las Vegas is heating faster than any other city in the United States. Since 1970, the average temperature has increased by 5.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Climate change isn’t some future crisis we need to prepare for, it’s happening now and risking public health, especially for the city’s most vulnerable residents.  Since 1980,Continue reading “Climate Change in Las Vegas”

I’m A Card Carrying Socialist and So Are You

By AnonymissGreenNV To date, almost every person who is involved in messaging, promoting and media, has tried and almost succeeded in re-writing the definition of what socialism is and isn’t. As a citizen of the United States of America, just about all of us pay taxes. Our tax dollars on the local level, pay forContinue reading “I’m A Card Carrying Socialist and So Are You”

Green Party Lawsuits Allege States Are Exploiting COVID-19 to Limit Voter Options

The Green Party of the United States has announced lawsuits have been filed in Illinois and Georgia to stop Democratic- and Republican-run boards of elections from exploiting COVID-19, social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines that prevent the Green Party from gathering petition signatures for candidates. The Green Party has been appealing to governors across the nation forContinue reading “Green Party Lawsuits Allege States Are Exploiting COVID-19 to Limit Voter Options”

Greens Denounce Administration and Congressional Failure to Address Pandemic Threat to Health, Economy

Outrage as Administration Policy Will Sacrifice Lives to “Save” Economy WASHINGTON — As the United States reaches more confirmed cases of COVID-19 than any other single country and Congress prepares to pass a $2 trillion dollar economic relief package, Green Party leaders called for far greater measures on all fronts, stating that a temporary “band aid”Continue reading “Greens Denounce Administration and Congressional Failure to Address Pandemic Threat to Health, Economy”