August 2021 Nevada Green Rhythm

Nevada State Green Party

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Our limited edition Pupfish Shirt is on sale now. Rose Buchholz is the designer.

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We are the Imperative Party!

Proposal Update
Yearly Budget
Registration Updates
Diversity Committee

The heat never leaves the Green Party in Nevada!

Proposal Update: GPNV Proposal 1064 is currently in discussion and has undergone 2 amendments. This proposal concerns removing Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (otheriwse known as TERFs), from the GPUS rosters. To review the Proposal please visit

Yearly Budget: We have a tight ship running forward to maximize our donations! Yearly expenses are at: Website $260.00, Merchant Account $49.00, Zoom for Meetings & Events $149.90, Adobe $179.88 = $638.78!

Registration Updates: What a great time to check your registration to verify that it is active and selected as you want.

For video assistance please visit:

For NVSOS Registration visit:

Be a part of the active petition drive! Right now we have had several petition signatures turned in in the Washoe County area. You can collect petition signatures in all Counties or coordinate a virtual Petition Signing Party! Get others involved while social distancing.. Email us for details on ideas for Petition Signing Parties and obtaining petition forms:

Did you know that the No Party Preference with Other registered voters, surpasses the Republicans and is just a few percentage points behind the Democrats? It’s a great time to tell friends and family to join the Green Party! Actually all the time is a great time! But shhhh, the duopoly doesn’t want everyone to know how powerful the Green Party is.


Postcards: We are sending out postcards to start a voter registration drive! Right now we are reaching out to 500 voters x .48 = $240.00 to mail. Please let us know if you have outreach ideas that will compliment our postcard drive and if you would like to donate to this particular cause. Things are picking up quickly.

Carrie Anne Harrington has accepted her nomination to the Diversity Committee

Stay Fresh:

  1. to review your strengths to be a Leader in the Green Party!

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