I’m A Card Carrying Socialist and So Are You

By AnonymissGreenNV

To date, almost every person who is involved in messaging, promoting and media, has tried and almost succeeded in re-writing the definition of what socialism is and isn’t.

As a citizen of the United States of America, just about all of us pay taxes. Our tax dollars on the local level, pay for Police, Fire Department, Schools, Roads and Road Repair, Libraries, Parks and Recreation and I could go on, the thing is, that is what Socialism looks like and what it is.

If I asked the majority of people in Nye County, “Do you think Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and/or Welfare ought to be cut?” their answer would probably be “yes,  those people need to go get a job!”  I believe if they knew the truth, that their Social Security/Disability, their Food Stamp Card alotment, their Medicare would be cut, they would be astounded. I hear a lot of the same rheotoric from the oldsters about how they believe it would never affect them, even though Food Stamp Card alotments, across the board have already been cut, much to the detriment of the children it was feeding.

Social Security has been taxed since 1984 when President Ronald Reagan signed the legislation into law, which allowed 50% of a person’s annual Social Security income to be taxed. Even though Franklin Delano Roosevelt never meant it to be taxed, ever, especially since we already paid taxes on that money, so in effect, we’re paying on it twice.

All but a very few of them, Corporatists/Capitalists/ThirdWayPoliticians whom we elected, let their greed run wild, at the expense of the people they’re supposed to be representing. They just take, take, take, with no regard for anyone but themselves.

If you have ever held a regular job, and looked at the deductions on your paycheck, it lists FICA which covers Social Security and Medicare, Federal Tax  which covers federal programs such as Law Enforcement and Defense and of course Unemployment Insurance/ Worker’s Compensation. Socialist Programs.

All of the things listed here and in the above paragraphs are stellar examples of Socialism. We pay into the system and we’re supposed to get something out of it. In the meantime, our elected representatives keep accruing larger paychecks while doing nothing for the people they represent. 

I’m a firm believer that all elected representatives ought to get minimum wage for the work that they do, but only when they’re working.

I almost forgot, the single most outstanding representation of Socialism, is the Social Security card, almost everyone carries in their wallets and bags, or locked away in a Safe Deposit Box at the bank of your choice. That Social Security card, with your name and number on it, issued by the Department of Social Security Administration (another Government entity), defines each and every person who possesses one, as a Socialist.

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