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The Green Party is the WE Party and Summer is almost over

GPNV Officially endorses Delilah Barrios and Hunter Crow

Charitable Donations in Nevada

GPNV Platform Planks

Alexander Mann

Open Nominations for Co-Chair


Man on the Street

Nevada Green Party https://nvgreenparty.org/store/Our Pillars: https://youtu.be/y-6YJ1q_cuA Videos: YouTube Register to Vote: https://youtu.be/bhl49std-I4
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Summer is almost over, but don’t forget to stay hydrated, because it’s still really hot out there! Also remember to take time out for yourself.

“Self care means giving the world the best of you, not what’s left of you.”

~ Katie Reed

GPNV officially supports Delilah for Texas Governor and Hunter Crow for Texas Railroad, by unanimous vote. This has resulted in a public endorsement on their respective social media memes.

After much discussion about donating 10% of our monthly funding to the charities nominated on, by our Facebook group, the GPNV Steering Committee could not come to a consensus, therefore the proposal fell to the floor, to be taken up at another time.

There are 2 platform planks to be introduced for publication to our website, that implicitly support Greening Nevada. Look for them to be announced very soon.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Alexander Mann, has stepped down from his position as Co-Chair. Alexander Mann will be sorely missed, because of his great contributions to not only improving and updating our bylaws, but also for his insight into our current economic structure and how it needs to change, to better benefit the residents of Nevada.

Therefore, we have opened up nominations to Nevada Green Party members, in good standing, according to our bylaws, Section 3.01. If you meet the requirements according to our bylaws, please feel free to nominate yourself or someone else.

GPNV is in desperate need of volunteers, for text messaging, video clips and promotions, as well as letter editing and letter drops.

As of this last meeting, At Large Member Robert Hanson, has volunteered to create GPNV man on the street interviews of the public at large. Please send the questions you’d like to have asked by our “Man on the Street” to nvgreenparty@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Registration: The Executive Committee suggests checking your status every 3-5 months, and during election seasons every month. It’s free! Remember the SOS has put us in the Minor Party selections and frequently updates their site.

Quick Links

To review your strengths to be a Leader in the Green Party click the link below!


Nevada State Green Party Activation: No help is too small!

Easy things to participate with are:

  1. Submit a paragraph to be sent in this newsletter. This is our party and you are welcome to build and create with the active members too since you are a part of ‘our.’
  2. Like, Share, Subscribe to the various social media platforms. The more activity that is generated the more the GPNV is seen.
  3. The Green Party platform is not just politics, the Green Party is a Philosophy to ensure responsible existence on Earth. Be proud to be a Green Party member and let others know, they don’t have to follow the duopoly or disenfranchise themselves, with NPP as only choices. The more numbers they bring into specific parties like the Green Party the more political parties will have to follow the will of the people.

If you have any questions please email us at: nvgreenparty@gmail.com


Margery Hanson Co-Chair

Andrea Warzlow Historian/Treasurer

Daniel Alves At-Large Clark County

James Stover At-Large Clark County

Robert Hanson At-Large Nye County

Questions, comments, participation, email us:

Whatever activities you enjoy assisting with, put ACTIVITIES in the subject line and we’ll get back to you at the earliest available moment.

Whatever comments you’d like us to review, put COMMENTS in the subject line and we will respond!

If you have a suggestion for GPNV members to participate in an event or if you would like help to create and event that benefits GPNV members, put PARTICIPATE in the subject line and we’ll add it to our next monthly meeting agenda for discussion.


GPNV is a Progressive Platform geared towards Humanity and the Environment

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