Nevada Green Party Statement in Support of Abortion Rights


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CONTACT NAME: Margery Hanson GPNV Co Chair

CONTACT PHONE: 775 298 6847


(Clark County, Nev.) — The Nevada Green Party urges people to join actions nationwide to protect and expand access to abortion services. We must stop the criminalization of abortions to permanently protect all people’s right to safe, legal, accessible, and confidential healthcare. Reproductive rights are non-negotiable!

The Supreme Court decision attacks the reproductive rights of women, transgender people, and non-binary people. Lack of abortion access will also impact both parents who may be mandated to pay for child support of unwanted pregnancies.

Additionally, the repercussions of ending these reproductive rights may lead to criminalizing the freedom to love and marry on the basis of race or sexual preference.

The Green Party calls for the need to agitate, educate, and organize:

  • Implement Single Payer healthcare, a streamlined financing mechanism where the middle man is taken out and one entity administers the national healthcare system in a cost-effective manner.
  • Increase access to safe, legal Plan C abortion pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) and abortion centers (available legal support)
  • Mobilize Communities to pressure state and Congressional legislators to act
  • Support state and federal legislation that protects reproductive rights
  • Volunteer and donate to abortion service providers and candidates fighting for reproductive rights.

The Green Party prioritizes parental health and denounces this attack on majority poor and marginalized communities. To change the system, we must build power in our communities!



Founded in 2012, the Nevada Green Party is a community of Nevadans from all backgrounds, birthed from the idea that our actions should always reflect the best interests of all citizens and the earth. Its goals are to promote the values at the core of Green philosophy: Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community-based Economics, Gender and Racial Equality, Diversity, Personal and Global Responsibility and Future Focus. Working to build a truly democratic government free of lobbying and special interest, the Green Party does not take money from corporations.

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