Nevada Green Rhythm October 2021 Edition

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registration statuses! The Green Party is the Imperative Party!
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Participation: September introduced us to 2 new registered Green Party members, who joined our monthly Zoom meeting and are active! If you are registered as a Green Party member, come join us. We are working for you! As we all know by now the NPPs and
others/minor party registered voters, are now the TOP voting block in Nevada bruising the blues by 2 to 1 and reds by 3 to 1. We have found from social media interactions, that many of the NPP could not find the Green Party option on the first page of voter, online registration in Nevada. We have a Voter Registration Committee that works with our National platform for registration drives and education. Meeting notifications are sent by email and social media platforms. Registration with GPNV takes an extra step or two, on the SOS (Secretary of State) website, and it’s well worth it, toward Humanity’s advancement to a sustainable future.

Expansion: Douglas County! Our registered voters have come knocking and we are excited! Things are in the works with forming a Douglas County Chapter. One of the biggest concerns was the mileage in our larger zoned county areas, against population clusters (cities/towns/districts). We have opted to tackle that with technology. Right now our core Executive Committee members reside in Nye County and Clark County. We do have solid repeating interactions with prior Washoe County Executive Committee members, who are invaluable. Every month we have a recorded Zoom meeting that allows the whole state of GPNV to participate. If your County does not have a Chapter and you want to be involved let us know. Our two levels of Chapters are Executive Committee for the whole state and County Committees for each governmental partitioned voting area. Any city/town/district group would need to be formed into a part of one of the County Committees. Who knows, perhaps in the future we will devise a Green Party District map that fits our party registered voter needs better.

Registration Check: Always take a look at your registration status to make sure you are active, have not been purged and/or are listed correctly in the party of your choice. We are finding that many of our members, receive cards that don’t have GRN in the party field of their voter cards, some see OTH or NPP and there is the ‘not specified classification’ to name a few. Due to the SOS adding an ‘extra step or two,’ possible data updates, or even the dreaded space-bar, creating extra spaces, entering party names, we seen several individuals shocked that their cards are not GRN. The Executive Committee suggests checking your status every 3-5 months, and during election seasons every month. It’s free! Remember the SOS has put us in the Minor Party selections and frequently updates their site which keeps changing.


By Laws: Thank you Margery Hanson CoChair of the GPNV! You rock with keeping all of the Nevada State By Laws of GPNV, in alignment with the GPUS By Laws! You are on top of aligning Nevada with GPUS, you are helping to modify and mold the GPUS By Laws with Committee members to prevent infiltration while tightening verbiage to flush out humanity destroying agendas, that attack personal ideologies and individuality. If only ALL GP members understood your dedicated involvement.

Thank you Alex Mann CoChair of GPNV! You are perceptive and discerning on gathering the many pieces of the Green Party, to assist in forming how, where and what our actions are, progressing into a solid movement. There is so much work to be done that can promote forward movement in the GP of both NV & US. Your precise skills are necessary, in cultivating a foundation that builds for Humanity’s role, as continuous keepers of Life and Environmental futures.

Thank you Daniel Alves At-Large member, Clark County of GPNV, your flexible participation in all types of Committees for Nevada has made you an invaluable liaison on so many levels. Stop at liaison? Nope, you are creating a long overdue foundation in video education, like our current Voter Registration and Petition Registration videos. Every step you are taking, simultaneously maps a turnkey operation for future GP members of all levels. As a GPUS Accreditation Committee member your understanding of hidden context keeps flushing out irregularities that ought to have been identified and remedied, many seasons ago.

Emails: Times are changing! Our website email domain address is ready, we are now sending newsletters to test from our new domain email. This is a ‘do not reply email address’ at this time focused on establishing a smooth outgoing system. In the future we will be expanding to additional sub-emails under our domain, to handle incoming emails. For now please send your incoming emails to

Quick Links 1. Platform and Bylaws

2. To review your strengths to be a Leader in the Green Party!

Nevada State Green Party Activation: No help is too small! Easy things to participate with are: 1. Submit a paragraph to be sent in the Nevada Green Rhythm. This is our party and you are welcome to build and create with active members too, since you are a part of ‘our.’

2. Like, Share, Subscribe to the various social media platforms. The more activity that is generated the more the GPNV is seen.

3. The Green Party platform is not just politics, the Green Party is a Philosophy to ensure responsible existence on Earth. Be proud to be a Green Party member and let others know they don’t have to follow the duopoly or disenfranchise themselves with NPP as their only choices. The more numbers they bring into specific parties like the Green Party, the more political parties will have to follow the will of the people.

If you have any questions please email us at:
Sincerely, Margery Hanson CoChair
Alex Mann CoChair
Carrie Anne Harrington Treasurer
Andrea Warzlow Historian/CoTreasurer
Daniel Alves At-Large member Clark County
James Stover At-Large member Clark County
Robert Hanson At-Large member Nye County
Questions, comments, participation, email us:

Thanks for reading. See you soon!

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