Nevada Green Rhythm – September 2021 Edition

Nevada State Green Party
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We are the Imperative Party!
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GPUS Proposal Results

GPNV has a Progressive Platform geared towards Humanity and Environment
Growth: New members are joining everyday! Let your “No Party Preference” friends know where we are. We just received feedback that some people that wanted to register with the GPNV, were not able to find us at the Secretary of State’s office, online Voter Registration! WE ARE THERE! The SOS has buried us in the Minor Party section.

Host a Registration Party: Social media is a great way you can expand the Green Party Safely, at home. Show individuals how to fill out Voter Registration and Petition forms here:

For NVSOS Registration visit:

Let us know if you made a YouTube/TikTok/ Twitter/Facebook/Rumble or other social media platform submission about the Green Party of Nevada and we will review the video to link and promote on the State GPNV Website.

There are many ways that you can help, please email us at:

Did you know that the “NPP” combined with “Others” as registered voters, surpass the Republicans? And is just a few percentage points behind the Democrats? It’s a great time to tell friends and family to join the Green Party! Actually all the time is a great time! But shhhh, the duopoly doesn’t want anyone to know how powerful the Green Party really is.


Postcards: Yes! Donate now to assist in our contacting disenfranchised NPP registered voters. They deserve to know we are here and where they can find us, since registering online for the Green Party of Nevada, is in the Minor Party Selection.

GPUS Proposal Results: The Nevada Green Party submitted a proposal to remove any and all Green Party members who were affiliated with the “Dialogue Not Expulsion” group, formed by Trans Exclusionary proponent Hugh Esco, et al from GPUS Caucuses and Committees. When the proposal was submitted to the GPUS Steering Committee, it had a “Simple Majority” clause, that was changed to 2/3rds majority, at the suggestion of the GPUS Secretary. Had the “Simple Majority” clause been kept in place, the proposal would have passed. Because the voting rules of the proposal were changed, we are sad to report, the proposal failed. We at the GPNV will never stop fighting for Equality for ALL.

Tent: We are eyeing events! Robert Hanson At-Large Nye County, has graciously offered to purchase a Green Party Tent for events. With more and more individuals getting vaccinated we are gearing towards 2022 Seasonal, Recreational and Event gatherings.

Nevada State Green Party Participation: No help is too small! Easy things to participate with are:
1. Submit a paragraph to be sent in this newsletter. This is our party and you are welcome to build and create with the active members too since you are a part of ‘our.’
2. Like, Share, Subscribe to the various social media platforms. The more activity that is generated the more the GPNV is seen.

The Green Party platform is not just politics, the Green Party is a Philosophy to ensure responsible existence on Earth. Be proud to be a Green Party member and let others know they don’t have to follow the duopoly or disenfranchise themselves with NPP as their only choices. The more numbers they bring into specific parties like the Green Party, the more political parties will have to follow the will of the people.

If you have any questions please email us at:
Margery Hanson – CoChair
Alex Mann – CoChair
Carrie Anne Harrington – Treasurer
Andrea Warzlow – Historian/CoTreasurer
Daniel Alves At-Large Clark County
James Stover At-Large Clark County
Robert Hanson At-Large Nye County
Questions, comments, participation? Email us:

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