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March 2022 Edition

The Green Party is the WE Party

Federal Marijuana Legalization

Sex Worker’s Rights

Proposal 1075

Campaign Coordinating Committee Timeline

Earth Day Strike

Federal Marijuana Legalization

Federal Legalization – With news that there is a bill on the House Floor, to legalize Marijuana use on the Federal level, we now have even more reason to celebrate the GPUS 420 event. Looking forward to LEGALIZATION!

Sex Workers Rights

Sex Worker’s Rights – Here in the state of Nevada, in certain counties, brothels are legal and of course this involves Sex Work. We at the Nevada Green Party support Sex Worker’s Rights, because the people involved are at an age of majority, sign contracts for this type of work, are protected from misuse and abuse. State Law dictates they are medically tested once a week, must use prophylactics when engaging in their chosen profession and a public health notice must be present in a conspicuous place, in their place of employment. One of our Co Chairs lives in a county that has brothels and has had interactions with the some of the Sex Workers. She has been quoted as saying, ” The Sex Workers here in Nye County, where prostitution and brothels are legal, are protected, there are no pimps to beat them, no one to force them to perform sex acts against their will and no drug abuse by the contractors. Furthermore there are no ‘street-walkers’ here in Nye County.”

At one time, almost each and every Brothel Sex Worker even offered to pay taxes, calling themselves ‘Hookers for Hillary’, during the 2016 Presidential cycle. Their offer was denied due to Senator Harry Reid’s insistence on brothels being bad for Corporate Businesses in the state of Nevada, which is ironic to say the least. Sex – Workers deserve legitimate recognition for their valuable contribution to society.

Dancing halls, escort services, entertainment by referral services and gambling games or devices; limitation on licensing of houses of prostitution.

Hookers for Hillary

Harry Reid

Proposal 1075

Proposal 1075 – This proposal was supposed to incorporate the Steering Committee statement on mandates and the National Black Caucus proposal against it, co-sponsored by GPNV, because the Steering Committee statement is in violation of the GPUS Social Justice plank, against experimental vaccines being used on American troops. It turned out to be a proposal to endorse the Steering Committee Statement on vaccine mandates and was failing by an 80% margin with the National Committee Delegation, according to an unofficial poll of the National Committee Delegation. At this time the Steering Committee statement still stands and they are now stone-walling the Delegation. Many members of the National Committee Delegation, want the word “mandate” removed from the entire Steering Committee statement or they want the statement pulled in its entirety, in order to come out with a well crafted statement, to better represent the entirety of the National Committee Delegation.

Campaign Coordinating Committee Timeline

Campaign Coordinating Committee Timeline – The CCC was supposed to have held elections for nominations to the CCC starting on December 1st. Instead, without notice, the Steering Committee decided to without notice, hold them in February. There are currently 5 members on the CCC. We are waiting for the next election cycle in order to nominate GPNV Co Chair Alex Mann to the CCC.

Earth Day Strike

Earth Day Strike – With the proposal to endorse the EARTH DAY STRIKE passing by a majority vote of the National Delegation, we at GPNV are looking forward to hearing from our membership about actions and activities they are sponsoring or would like to participate in. Please contact us so we may publicize your event or action at

Registration: The GPNV Steering Committee suggests checking your status every
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Green Party Nevada Steering Committee

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Daniel Alves At-Large Clark County
James Stover At-Large Clark County
Robert Hanson At-Large Nye County

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