NVGP Executive Committee Election, polls open

The the online poll for our Executive Committee elections is now open. Polls will be open from June 28-30th. We have three Green Party members running for various offices see below. You must be registered as a member of the Green Party in order to vote.

Alexander Mann, for Chairman

My name is Alex, and I’m running to be the chairman of the Nevada Green Party. I’m looking to expand electoral access and success within the state, and become a major competing party against the Democrats and the Republicans. I believe that through immediate demands that benefit the vast majority, we will be able to expand our ecological & workers party to reform our state and eventually our country along the Green Party’s major tenets. I’ve been involved with on the ground activism and education funding, and I believe that I can expand our party and chapter into a new era of Green electoral success.

Margery Hanson, for Secretary

My name is Margery Hanson and I am running for Secretary of the Nevada State Green Party. I am an articulate, enthusiastic and intelligent asset, to the Nevada Green Party. I am politically active, Progressive, assertive and outspoken. I am an effective events organizer, internet organizer and promoter of all things Progressive. I’m familiar with several forms of Social Media, including Slack, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumbler, GooglePlus, GoogleDocs, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, SnapChat, Discord and Reddit, currently moderating the Nevada Green Party community on Reddit. My goals are to see Single-Payer Health Care, Equal Rights an end to Systemic Racism and an end to endless war in my lifetime.

Robert Hanson, for At-Large

I’m Robert Hanson. I am an Air Force veteran, I have an A.A. degree in Radio and Television, while minoring in Political Science. I have organized charity events with great success and I have a lot of ideas about organizing for the Green Party of Nevada. I have lived in Nevada for over 13 years and I am running for the position of At-Large member.

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