Our Last Best Chance – Luke Stella #HeroHouse

To my fellow citizens:

My name is Luke Stella and I am the Founder of a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit called HeroHouse. My company is primarily concerned with providing safe sober environments for folks to rehabilitate from drug and alcohol addiction. We give priority to U.S. Veterans who have slipped through the cracks of our faulty VA system.

In the past 4 decades it has become apparent that it is incumbent upon local nonprofits, charitable foundations, and citizen activist groups to assume the mantle of responsibility and pick up the slack left by ineffective, underfunded, government bureaucracies regarding the care of our citizens and communities. Never has this modern reality been more clearly demonstrated than in these last few election cycles. We have people living under every bridge in America, yet administrations both Democrat and Republican alike, send 100 billion dollars off to countries like Ukraine and Israel to help subsidize their universal healthcare systems, while back at home we are told comprehensive healthcare is too expensive. It would be humorous if it weren’t so tragic.

I was excited to join The Green Party as a volunteer and register to vote Green after Dr. Cornell West announced he would be running for President of The United States of America, as a Green Party Candidate. The Green Party has been combating government shortfalls and malfeasance, as has Dr. West for many, many years. I feel as though our values align perfectly and I look forward to effecting positive change by promoting their platform. This is our last best chance to put forth a candidate that is ultimately qualified and up to the task at hand. Join us!!

With Respect,

Luke Stella, HeroHouse USA

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