Restorative Justice in Action 2 with Margaret Elisabeth, Co-Chair Green Party US

The second waypoint on the path to restorative justice after the still lingering injustice of platforming Transphobia and Transmisic Bigotry by the Georgia Green Party. Speakers: Margaret Elisabeth, Co-Chair of Green Party US (GPUS) and Co-Chair of the National Lavender Greens Caucus (NLGC), explains the latest developments and upcoming activity on the accreditation challenge against the Georgia Green Party. Amergin Ó Kai, Delegate to the National Committee of GPUS and Member of National Lavender Greens Caucus (NLGC), goes in depth on the legislative assault on Trans Rights and gives context to the rise of Transmisic Bigotry in the USA. Moderator: Tina Olson, Running for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2022, Green Party of Pennsylvania Co-Chair, GPUS Media Committee Member.

Source: Meeting Registration – Zoom

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