Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres #FreePalestine

By unanimous vote, the Nevada Green Party has signed on to Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres.

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Israel’s horrific murder of 9+ Palestinians in Jenin, unprecedented for two decades in the West Bank, demands action

After Israeli forces massacred at least 9 Palestinian people in Jenin refugee camp on Thursday, Jan. 26, leaving dozens of injuries and destruction in their wake, Palestinian journalist Mariam Barghouti called the Palestinian reality under Israeli military occupation a “slaughterhouse.”

This was the bloodiest massacre in the West Bank in about two decades,in one of the deadliest months: Israeli forces killed 30 Palestinians in the West Bank in 2023 so far, killing on average at least one Palestinian person each day. This violence marks an acceleration of Israeli violence since 2022, when Israel killed 146 Palestinians in the West Bank, including killing Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh while she was reporting in Jenin. And in Gaza, Palestinians living trapped under Israeli blockade endure structural violence each day, and have endured multiple Israeli bombing massacres over the last two decades, which have killed thousands of Palestinians including 49 people in August 2022.

The Palestinian people’s ongoing demands for freedom in their homeland and basic human rights must be met by people around the world rising up with them.

This week, Secretary of State Blinken will travel to meet with the new increasingly fascist far-right Israeli government. We will not accept his politics-as-usual of words of concern without U.S. policy change, whichgives Israel a free pass to keep slaughtering the Palestinian people. The images coming out of Jenin—an elderly woman killed by Israeli sniper bullets, hospital patients suffocating with Israeli tear gas, and ambulances denied access to the wounded by Israeli forces—are part of apartheid Israel’s greater systematic violence, which our government has chosen to fund with $3.8+ billion of U.S. taxpayer dollars a year.

We demand Members of Congress take immediate policy action towards accountability: Stop arming Israel’s massacres against the Palestinian people by ending U.S. military funding to Israel. Real justice will not begin until we do.

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Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres Sign On by Tues., Jan. 31 11am ET

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