The Green Party has Taken Bold Action Today in Disaffiliating the Georgia Green Party From the Green Party of the United States

The Green Party has taken bold action today in disaffiliating the Georgia Green Party from the Green Party of the United States federation of state parties for a pattern of undemocratic actions that violate the Key Value of Grassroots Democracy, as well as exhibiting bigoted, anti-transgender positions that violate the Key Value of Social Justice and Equal Opportunity. In an overwhelming national committee vote of 119 Yes, 17 No, 6 Abstain, the Georgia Green Party has been found to be in violation of GPUS affiliation requirements specified in our Bylaws and the values called for in our 10 Key Values.On December 15, 2019, the Georgia Coordinating Council made a decision to endorse the Declaration of Womens Sex-Based Rights, which seeks to restrict the full legal and political rights of transgender people, without a vote of any rank-and-file members of the Georgia Green Party. Later, at their February 2020 Bonnaire Convention, 7 of only 9 members present voted to endorse the document after an endorsement had already been submitted. The absence of rank-and-file members to vote on such seismic platform amendments lends the appearance that only a select group were invited to weigh in on this decision as no evidence of meeting announcements were found..The Bylaws of the Georgia Green Party state, “The Convention may establish organizational policy; amend or, by unanimous consent, suspend its Rules; adopt and amend and repeal platform planks and position statements.” The Coordinating Council is not authorized to amend the state platform and therefore, the Georgia Green Party violated its own bylaws and the Key Value of Grassroots Democracy.The Green Party of the United States platform affirms the right of all persons to self-determination with regard to gender identity and sex. We affirm the right of choosing non-binary and gender fluid identification. We therefore support the right of individuals to be free from coercion and involuntary assignment of gender or sex. Our platform represents super majority vote approval. It is a representation of our values that newcomers to the party would expect to see lived out in state and local parties. The Green Party must be a safe place for all LGBTQIA+ people and therefore, the national committee has made it clear that hate and bigotry have no place in the Green Party.

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