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Election and Selection Times

Qualifications and Petitions

Delegate Volunteers

Podcast Debut


Election and Selection Times

Dr.Cornel West has announced his run for the GPUS nomination, for President! We in the Nevada Green Party are very excited about this! Through some insider information and some press, we have discovered that not only will Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka be lending a hand to his campaign, but also Christopher Lynn Hedges. All very exciting news!

In order to qualify to run as a Green Party Presidential candidate, Dr. West will need to garner some 100 plus signatures, from recognized and registered Green Party members, from across the United States. Once this petition becomes available, look for Social Media Press notices and encourage registered Green Party members to sign and share, so we can reach the 100 signature goal and put Dr. West in the running for the nomination, for President of the United States, at the Green Party convention.

Delegate Volunteers

We have four Delegates , ready to vote for and support Dr. Cornel West at Convention. Their names will be released at the end of the Convention in a follow up Newsletter.

Podcast Debut

We are also looking forward to the debut of our very own Podcast, featuring Co-Chair Daniel Alves as our host with the most! Please join us.

Last but certainly not least, with special thanks going out to “a designer located in Texas”, for the Yard-Sign, where each square represents one of Dr. Cornel West’s campaign issues, from Dr. West’s website. we have Cornel West 2024 T-Shirts, Bumper-Stickers and Yard-Signs. All exclusive to the Nevada Green Party, All of the featured images and more can be found in our Store here: https://nvgreenparty.org/store/

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