Would You Like to be a Green Party Member?

By  Anonymiss Green

I ask people that all the time. I even have the ‘old school’ Voter Registration Forms that have Green Party listed as an option, for people to fill out. There was a time there, when the Voter Registration Forms were revamped, and didn’t include the option to register as a Green Party member. That happened right after ‘The Great Voter Purge of 2016’.

Also during this time, if one wanted to register as a Green Party member online, one had turn oneself into three shades of pretzel, just to get to the option and to add insult to injury, even though you were listed online as a Green Party member, your Voter Registration Card said Independent.

Now I have no problem with the Independent Party, but I’m not one of them. I want to be listed as the Party I have chosen to pledge my principles and values to, the Green Party.

As an aside, I registered with the Democratic Party in Nevada in 2019, with the sole purpose of Caucusing, then going to Convention, for Bernie Sanders. Enter ‘Pandemic Mode’ and of course, ‘Democratic Party shenanigans’, and I re-registered with the Green Party, as well as asking for a mail-in ballot, to all future elections. When I got my new Card it said Green Party on it again. Double YAY!

Now it has come to pass, with ‘The Great Voter Purge of 2016’, the Green Party was made non-viable in the state of Nevada. From 2016 forward, we were well on our way, to accruing the necessary signatures, to become viable again and … ‘Pandemic Mode’ hit. No gatherings, no events, no people! How are we supposed to get the required signatures on our petition, so we can be on the ballot, if we can’t be less than 6 feet away from someone? I know right?

The Nevada Green Party Executive Committee, is asking for ballot relief, from all the proper authorities. Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, Nevada State Attorney Aaron Ford and of course, Governor Steve Sisolak (whom I voted for).

I have Tweeted, Facebooked, LinkedInned, CounterSocialed, Mastodonned and Discorded, to get some attention to this. I may have to stand on the intersection of Hwy. 372 and Hwy. 160, with a sign, just to get this issue the attention it deserves.

Every United States Citizen is supposed to be able to vote, for whomever they choose. As a Green Party member in the state of Nevada, if my chosen candidate isn’t on the ballot, how can I vote for him or her?

Isn’t that some kind of Voter Suppression? Don’t fall prey to the myth that there is only the Duopoly, because it’s just that, a myth and a highly propagated one at that.

So, if you’d like to help me out a little bit and if you live in the state of Nevada, click the link and register as a Green Party member, then vote for the Party that supports raising the Minimum Wage, the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and whole lot more, that will benefit you the people and the earth.

Here’s the link: https://www.nvsos.gov/sosvoterservices/Registration/Step0.aspx

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