Nevada Green Party signs on in support of recent Green Party US Diversity Committee Statement


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CONTACT NAME: Daniel Alves At Large Clark County

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(LAS VEGAS, Nev.) — The Nevada Green Party (GPNV) announced its support of a statement issued by the Diversity Committee of the Green Party US (GPUS).

The statement appears here in full:

The Diversity Committee of the GPUS requests that Greens learn the basics about the new committees and radical opinion groups that seek to splinter/fragment the Green Party.

Background information about these different organizations and their founding members is critical for Greens to be well aware of, to prevent further confusion and unneeded conflict from these highly controversial groups that have been actively trying to segregate the Green Party by gender orientation, and to use political pressure to refuse to obey our own platform beliefs and goals.

These groupings include the self-proclaimed committees Dialogue Not Expulsion (DNE), the Emergency Committee to Save the Green Party, and Gender-Critical Greens Political Action Committee (GCGP). All three are anti-transgender/anti-transwoman extremist pressure groups that seek to instigate chaos within the party with their dogmatic thinking against transpeople’s rights, and their destructive and militant approach to conflict.

DNE has members who have been and continue to be involved with Womens’ Liberation Front (WOLF) and Feminists In Struggle (FIST). FIST has been filing amicus briefs to try overturning protrans court decisions like the Supreme Court Bostock v. Clayton decision, which says that one can’t be fired for being transgender or for gender identity/expression. WOLF has worked with the Republican Party to put on religion-based “ex-trans” conferences, and boasts associations with the Proud Boys. The disaccreditation of Green Party of Georgia (GPGA) somehow has not stopped this group, which claimed their initial goal was to convince the GPUS to not discredit GPGA-and therefore to give anti-trans thinking a veneer of legitimacy within the party.

The Emergency Committee sprang up during the discussion and vote regarding GPGA. Members basically likewise spam-solicited fellow Greens to try keeping GPGA from being disaccredited, and, again, to propagate the notion that anti-trans thought was a legitimate topic for discussion within the party. Finally, GPGA is an actual PAC (Political Action Committee), which is collecting money to support its anti-trans activities, and whose members have solicited support from everyone on the GPUS National Committee, often in highly misleading form. This is a calculated attempt to sabotage and create discord within the Party. We call on fellow Greens to recognize these groupings for what they are, and to reject them outright, in keeping with the GPUS platform, which members overwhelmingly rededicated themselves to in the discussions of the last 18 months.

These issues are settled. We cannot allow such groups to continue to hijack our agenda for a moment longer.


Founded in 2012, the Nevada Green Party is a community of Nevadans from all backgrounds, birthed from the idea that our actions should always reflect the best interests of all citizens and the earth. Its goals are to promote the values at the core of Green philosophy: Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community-based Economics, Gender and Racial Equality, Diversity, Personal and Global Responsibility and Future Focus. Working to build a truly democratic government free of lobbying and special interest, the Green Party does not take money from corporations.

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GPNV is The Party of Solutions!

Compassion & Choices: The GPNV Executive Committee was approached by Tri-Strategies in regard to legislation being written for Medical Aid with terminal illnesses. The GPNV has agreed to support this legislation as written and presented on 1.21.2022. Many that suffer from terminal illness deserve to have a choice. Bodily autonomy is one strength that the GPNV and GPUS strongly support. To find out more on the legislation please visit

Delilah for Texas: We had an amazing interview with Delilah running for Texas Governor! As a registered GPNV member you never know who’s invited to our monthly meetings. For in depth details visit her website at:  Delilah comes from a medical background focused on many continuing issues other parties are exacerbating and offering no solutions. Her first  focus is a Single Payer Healthcare system that should be available to all tax paying citizens, as easily as it is to our current and past elected officials, to say the least. Delilah Barrios and the Green Party of Nevada Steering Committee also stand with the National Black Caucus’s statement against vaccine mandates. Bodily Autonomy for everyone is a GPUS platform plank.

Erin:  A quick shout out! Thank you for joining our monthly meeting. Your input has been valuable in advancing projects on the GPNV list. We always enjoy our members taking the time to participate in our party.

Right to Work:  Recently there have been many companies that are now taking employees without contract to court, to force them to continue to work for them. Unanimously GPNV has decided to start working on a bill to repeal Right to Work, before a new form of indentured servitude can take hold in the State of Nevada. If you would like to collaborate or assist with creating a bill for the legislature, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Right to Work was written where both employer and employee could terminate without notice, now that corporations are feeling the crunch of competitive wages or mental health decisions, the corporations only want a one sided control of employers being able to terminate at will.

Dispute Resolution: Alex Mann has decided to step down as Dispute Resolution Officer. Carrie Anne Harrington has stepped up and unanimously, all present voted to have Carrie Anne take over as our Dispute Resolution Officer.  We hope that we will never need to use this type of action, but we are happy to offer this process if the need arises. Carrie Anne will take over at the beginning of our February monthly meeting.

Revenge Porn:  Flabbergasted! Why is there not a tough law protecting and supporting victims of what has become a trend, Revenge Porn. The GPNV has released a statement in support of California’s Assembly Bill AB2065 to escalate offenses to felonies for the crime of Revenge Porn. The GPNV is also looking into presenting a similar Bill in the Nevada Assembly. Please reach out to us if you are interested in drafting a similar bill. California’s Bill AB2065 can be viewed at

PO Box 2023: The GPNV is growing in strength and that will insure the GPNV’s continued existence for the foreseeable future. We have reviewed the need for a PO Box starting in 2023. The current rate is $192.00 for a whole year in 2022. To help support our Green Party future you please donate or purchase some of our swag! 

Derrick Miles:  On January 21, 2022 Derrick Miles submitted his resignation as the Douglas County At-Large member and removed himself from the GPUS-YoungEcoSocialist Caucus. Based on events that happened in December and early January, the GPNV Steering Committee has decided this was the best course of action at this time.   

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